How to date yourself

Falling in love is a great feeling. Why not date yourself and fall in love with you? When was the last time you did something for you? The last time you tried something new? Thought about what makes you happy? If you find yourself single this February, why not try a 30 day dating yourself challenge and see what you learn about yourself!

Ideas on dating yourself and practicing self love:

Get dressed up: 

How you dress can affect your mood. Get out of those sweatpants or yoga pants and get dressed up. Put in some effort can help boost your mood and self esteem. 

Treat yourself: 

When was the last time you did something just for you? An easy way to date yourself and practice self-love is to treat yourself. Get a massage, go get your naisl done, buy yourself the purse you’ve been eyeing. 

Go somewhere new: 

Why wait for someone to travel with? There are so many adventures to be had and beautiful places to be seen. Take a weekend road trip somewhere, go visit a state park. You can learn a lot about yourself when traveling alone. 

Learn something new: 

A great way to learn about yourself is to try something new. What is something you have been wanting to try? Painting? Rafting? Paddleboarding? Enroll is a class? 

Stay at a hotel: 

You don’t have to travel to stay at a nice hotel. Where is somewhere in your town/city you have always wanted to stay? Do they have a spa? Order some room service. Take a swim in the pool. Grab a drink and a meal at the bar. 

Go to a movie: 

You don’t have to wait until you have a significant other to go see that movie you have been wanting to see. And a bonus? You don’t have to share the snacks. 

Explore your city: 

Why wait until you have someone to go with? Go visit that museum you have been eying, or your local art’s center to see a play. Stop in a new shop

Take a new exercise class: 

Tired of the same old? Why now join classpass and try a different scenery with a different exercise class? Challenge yourself to a new environment, new instructors, and new people. 

Buy yourself flowers: 

Typically you get flowers from someone. But who says you cant buy them for yourself? The Aroma can help destress through out the week. Put them somewhere you can see them to trigger those happy feels. 

Do something in nature: 

Get out of the house!

  • Go to the beach and stick your feet in the water
  • Go for a hike you’ve been waiting to go on
  • See the local botanical gardens you haven’t been to yet
Go out to eat: 

This can be a uncomfortable one to do at first. But why wait until you have someone to go check out that restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to? 

Cook for one:  

Find a meal you typically wouldn’t cook for yourself. Buy that expensive steak or fish. Indulge in some wine, set some candles. 

Go on a picnic: 

Plan a day in the park, take a picnic and that book you’ve been wanting to read. 

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