Life Transitions

Life transitions can be hard to cope with, leaving you feeling scared, lonely, anxious, or sad.

We all experience difficult life transitions. These can include anything from a breakup, a loss of a loved one, a new job, a recent move, starting college, or even returning to the dating world.

If you find yourself having a hard time coping with a recent life transition, therapy can be a helpful way to handle the challenges coming your way.

Therapy Through Life Transitions

Changes are a fact of life, it doesn’t make them easy.

Just because your emotions are completely justified for the situation you are going through, does not make it any easier to cope with.

You may hear things like:

  • “Give it time.”
  • “This is a good thing.”
  • “You need to move on.”
  • “You’re just grieving.”
  • “You’ll adjust.”

Although those in your life mean well, statements such as these can often make us feel worse.

Talking about what you are going through with a therapist, having a nonjudgmental, compassionate ear, can be extremely beneficial.

We can explore your current ways of coping with the transition, what is and isn’t working, building off what is working for you. We can explore your thought patterns relating to the transition and learn tools to make them more adaptable.

In addition to learning new ways of coping and healthier thought patterns, brainspotting can also be very beneficial in helping you process through the situations and emotions can be extremely healing.

If you are currently struggling with a transition in your life and are ready to explore what is already working for you but also other ways that can help, contact me today to schedule a 15-minute consultation appointment.

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